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Our support team includes the creators of Next.js, Micro, and Storybook — tech that is currently powering the likes of BBC, GitHub, and Marvel in production. With exclusive direct access to top-tier engineers, you will gain expert insight towards best practices that will help your product shine.

Security Audit

Winning customer trust depends on how well you can reassure them of the security of their data. With our experience helping some of the top companies in the industry, we can help you determine if your application conforms to the highest security standards, so you can highlight that to your customers.

Architecture Review

There has been no better time to be in tech. So much choice also means that you now need to carefully consider which app structure will bring the best returns on your investment. Our engineers have helped build WordPress, Node.js, and Socket.IO, used by over 500M users worldwide. We can help you structure your app to meet your performance budget.

Stress Testing

You have spent thousands of dollars and hours into your product. The next holiday season, album release, or press coverage is a huge opportunity for you to bank on — you can't afford to let your customers down on a special occasion. We will help you scale elastically so that your application remains robust even during an unnatural traffic spike.

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  • Access to ZEIT on Spectrum
  • Email Support
  • Priority Reply: under 24hrs
$749  / mo

Advanced Priority Support

  • Access to ZEIT on Spectrum
  • Email Support
  • Priority Reply: under 12hrs
$1249  / mo

Live Support

  • Access to ZEIT on Spectrum
  • Email Support
  • Priority Reply: Immediate
  • Dedicated Slack Channel
$1999  / mo

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