Concurrent Instances


MAX File Size / Storage

Auto-Scale Support

Team Seat

OSSPremiumProAdvancedOn Demand
1GB *50GB *200GB *500GB *$0.10 / GB
100MB *1GB *3GB *10GB *$5 / GB
310 *25 *50 *$0.025 / hr
5 *10 *20 *$1.5 / domain
1MB / 1GB100MB / 10GB500MB / 50GB1GB / 100GB$0.03 / gb / ∞
FREE$5 / mo$5 / mo$5 / mo$5 / mo
FREE $15 / mo$50 / mo$200 / mo 

* When this limit is exceeded, you pay the “On Demand” price. Service is not interrupted and no downtime is incurred.

For certain open source projects we sponsor support for custom domains. Please contact us to find out if yours applies.

In the free plan, your code will be public and open source, available through a /_src path URL on all your deployments.

Do you have custom needs?

We provide custom support contracts, service license agreements (SLAs), on-premise clusters, advanced authentication, dedicated hardware and more.