Now + GitHub

Automatic deployments on every pull request. Just push.

Pull Request

GitHub pull requests are an ever evolving environment. We constantly push our changes to them so we can work with everyone live and share our code for collaboration.


We don’t just read code, we want to see our changes live. Using Now to deploy our apps whenever there’s a change and sharing the links for review. Now we can do it automatically.


Now for GitHub deploys your apps whenever you submit a pull request or make changes to existing pull requests. No longer having to manually deploy with your changes; your colleagues can grab the latest link straight from your pull request whenever you push. Fast and easy!

Get Started

Start deploying your apps from pull requests on GitHub easily by setting up the Now app for GitHub. Click on the button below to start setting up or head to the docs to learn more.

It’s as simple as activating the app from your account settings, or if you’re a new user, sign up and follow the onboarding flow which also tells you how to set up the app.