Our app is the recommended way to deploy and use our services.
It installs and maintains the command line program up to date automatically.

Drag and Drop Anything

Node.js or Docker apps, static websites or even just files. It doesn't matter!

The Upload Begins Instantly

Each deployment receives a new, unique URL and server.

The Deployment Is Ready

You'll be forwarded to the address of your working deployment.

Automatic Updates

Now Desktop will ensure that all times the now command line interface is up-to-date
and ready to go. Don’t worry about package managers, frameworks and runtimes.
It never gets old.


Command Line

We offer pre-built binaries of `now(1)` for 64 bit systems. They even work on devices without Node.js installed!

Linux (glibc)


Alpine (musl)


You can also install it with npm as follows:

npm install -g now

Open Source

The code for our clients is available for you to download, inspect and modify.


Our main command line client written in Node.js Cross-platform.


Our Electron-powered desktop app written in JS, HTML and CSS.


Our low-level API JavaScript client for the browser and Node.

You will be able to learn about how the Now API works, contribute improvements,
bugfixes or suggestions. Use it as a base, guide or inspiration for new apps.

The app is powered by Electron.