A Project is a logical structure that groups deployments and custom domains inside of an account or team, based on the name of the project. This structure allows easier tracking and managing of deployments.

The Projects structure enables faster locating of deployments logs, source code, and custom domains.

Creating a Project

Projects are automatically created when making a deployment using the name of the repository connected with a ZEIT Now for Git Integration.

You can import your existing project from the "Create a new project" section of the ZEIT Dashboard. If you do not have an existing project, this page also allows you to get started from a template.

If you would like your Project to be created with a name different to that of the repository, you can include a configuration file and use the name property.

Deleting a Project

You can remove a project and all of the deployments contained within it by navigation to your project from your dashboard, followed by its settings tab.

The tabs for a project overview, with "Settings" active.

Within the settings tab, locate the "Delete This Project" fieldset, confirm that you would like to delete your project and then click the "Delete" button.

The "Delete This Project" fieldset within a project's settings.

Note: Deleting your project will also delete the deployments within it. If you have any deployments that are assigned to a custom domain and do not want them to be removed, make sure to deploy and assign them to the custom domain under a different project first.