April 28th, 2018. San Francisco, California.

Palace of fine arts

The event is over. You can watch the talks on ZEIT TV.


Guillermo Rauch
Founder & CEO
Matheus Fernandes
SVP, Engineering
Leo Lamprecht
SVP, Product
Tim Neutkens
Next.js Core Developer


  • Jessica Rose
    Jessica Rose is a technologist working to further access to technical education and meaningful work in the tech industry. She's helping build connected learning experiences as a technical manager at FutureLearn. She's founded the Open Code meetup series, co-founded Trans*Code and hosts the Pursuit Podcast.
  • Andrew Clark
    “I work on React at Facebook. I like building things, making things better, and collaborating via open source. I spend too much time thinking about React, but when I'm not, I like to travel, watch movies, and occasionally swim. Oh, and I'm shockingly good at karaoke.”
  • Prosper Otemuyiwa
    Prosper Otemuyiwa is an avid Open Source Advocate, Performance Expert, Trainer and a Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies. He is a full stack software engineer who has worked on biometric, health and developer tools. Prosper enjoys working with developers and teams across the globe, improving web application performance and building developer communities across Africa. He is the Director of Evangelism at forLoop Africa.
  • Kylie Stewart
    Kylie Stewart is a software engineer at Formidable Labs and an enthusiastic advocate for women in technology. Prior to developing, she sold electric cars in Washington, DC. When she isn't behind a screen, Kylie spends her time co-organizing Girl Develop It events in Phoenix, AZ, and hiking the southwest with her dog, Otis. You can learn more about her here: kyliestewart.tech.
  • Pranay Prakash
    Pranay is a Computer Science student at UIUC. He interned at Facebook last year working with the GraphQL Team on Relay, and is an Intern at ZEIT this year. He loves Open Source and is likely best known for his work on CSS Peek, a VSCode extension that lets you peek into a matching CSS definition from an HTML file.
  • Thomas Fischer
    “My name is Thomas Fischer. I am a Computer Science student at UIUC. I previously interned at CoreOS (YCombinator S13) and Jump Trading, LLC. I am a generalist. I love both systems programming and JS. A few years ago, I wrote simpletcp, which is a Python package with 100+ stars on GitHub.”
  • Julia Qiu
    Julia is a software engineer passionate about web technologies. She loves JavaScript, the open-source community, and anything and everything React.

    When not coding, she enjoys snowboarding, traveling, and wine-tasting with friends.
  • Simon Willison
    Simon Willison works as an engineering director at Eventbrite. Prior to Eventbrite he was CEO and co-founder of Lanyrd, and before that he worked as a software architect and data journalist at the Guardian newspaper in London.

    He is a co-creator of the Django web framework and more recently is the creator of Datasette, a tool for easily publishing interesting data as an online database and JSON API. In his spare time he collects niche museums and roadside attractions.
  • Fouad Matin
    Fouad is the founder of UserMirror, an API to reliably deliver customer personalization at scale.

    Previously, he worked on Segment Personas and co-founded VotePlz, a nonpartisan voter registration nonprofit.
  • Jackie Luo
    Jackie Luo is a software engineer at Square, where she focuses on front-end. She last worked at a startup called Nylas, where she worked on projects like N1, the open-source, extensible email client built on Electron and React.

    She runs The Framework Project, an interview series with people thinking about tech and its impact on society. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, photographing, writing, event planning, and tweeting.
  • Francesca Guiducci
    Francesca Guiducci is a software engineer, a tech conference goer, and a tea drinker. She used to focus exclusively on building services and pipelines, but has recently branched out and embraced the fact that the world is not written all in Java. She’s part of the “slaying the Monolith” movement at Trulia, and contributes by bringing GraphQL into the picture.

    She holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from the University of Ferrara, Italy. Since moving to San Francisco, she has been on a quest to try out all the Italian restaurants in the Bay Area and find the very best.
  • Alex Ivashchenko
    Alex Ivashchenko has worked on everything Javascript at Trulia for more than 6 years, creating an automated deployment platform as part of awesome team for the last few months.

    Before that Alex was creating interfaces and automation for Yahoo internal services and bringing photoshop files to life at small design agencies in Canada.
  • Scott Tolinski
    Scott Tolinski is the creator of Level Up Tutorials where he has created thousands of free and premium web development tutorials. Scott also is the co-host of the popular web development podcast Syntax.

    In his free time Scott is a dedicated Bboy (breakdancer) & enjoys pushing himself athletically through dance, working out and snowboarding. He also enjoys green tea and Shaw Brothers Kung Fu movies.
  • Henry Zhu
    “I'm pursuing working on open source and Babel full time, trying to fund myself through Patreon and Babel's Open Collective.

    I previously was working at Adobe/Behance where I did JavaScript development and worked on Babel half time. My other hobbies are playing ping pong, board games, and Mario Kart. I'm interested in how open source intersects with everything else.”
  • Jack Hanford
    San Francisco based senior software engineer who was the first engineering hire at Eaze. With an obsession of bringing native experiences and performance to the mobile web, he recently lead a project rewriting eaze.com into a Next.js app. Jack can almost always be found in front of his laptop trying to push a few more lines of code or trying to rewrite something in Javascript.
  • Jamie Kyle
    “I'm the reason your JavaScript project has so many config files. Sorry about that. Oh and btw, I'm about to introduce even more into your toolchain... :3 Why do I love config files so much? Who hurt me? Does my love of config files get in the way of my ability to connect to people, like deep down, truly *connect*...What was the question again?”
More surprises on the way...