The Progressive JavaScript Framework.

Approachable. Versatile. Performant.


The Progressive JavaScript Framework.

Approachable. Versatile. Performant.

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Vue.js is the most approachable full-featured frontend framework. ZEIT Now takes the same approach to website deployment, by taking configuration out of the equation.

Jake Peterson, Senior Engineer At Tilta

ZEIT Now makes it effortless to deploy a Nuxt/Vue.js site for client review, staging, and production. With zero-config deployments and high performance serverless pre-rendering, I exclusively use ZEIT Now on Tiltaing.

The features are unmatched and keep getting better.

Jake Peterson, Senior Engineer At Tilta

With a single platform for HTTPS-enabled, CDN-backed, production grade sites, Jake is able to prototype, launch, and iterate faster than ever before.

Top-notch Performance

With its blazing fast virtual DOM, Vue.js is a great choice for performance. Enjoy even more optimizations when you deploy with ZEIT Now, thanks to our built-in Smart CDN.






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Automatic HTTPS and CDN

Every deployment created with ZEIT Now is powered by our Smart CDN and automatically secured with an auto-renewing SSL certificate. Your content is always delivered securely, and blazing fast — without any configuration.

Merge Confidently & Continuously with Deployment Previews

Enable the ZEIT Now GitHub and GitLab integrations with a single-click for continuous deployment previews. Every deployment is created using the same infrastructure as production, so you can confidently ship the same content that you review.

Customer Spotlight

Developers from around the world, working on products and services of all sizes are using Vue.js with ZEIT Now to offer incredible experiences to customers.

Using a Different Framework?

ZEIT Now is the easiest way to deploy your framework. Take advantage of single-command deployment, automatic built-in SSL and global CDN, first-class integrations with GitHub and GitLab, and more.

Deploy Vue.js sites with ZEIT Now.