Deploy an enterprise-class application on a world-class platform.


Deploy an enterprise-class application on a world-class platform.

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Deploying Angular Apps Has Never Been Easier

Angular is the best framework to develop scalable applications. ZEIT Now matches Angular's incredible tooling to provide instant deployments with zero configuration.

Minko Gechev, Angular Team at Google

ZEIT Now is among my favorite platforms for web app deployment. On top of their powerful command-line tool, ZEIT has an integration with the Angular CLI that allows you to push your apps to production with a single command.

ZEIT Now follows best serving practices with built-in CDN, automatic HTTPS, and first-class GitHub integration that prevents the need to write custom pipelines.

Minko Gechev, Angular Team at Google

With a single platform for HTTPS-enabled, CDN-backed, production grade sites, Angular developers can prototype, launch, and iterate faster than ever before.

Achieve Great Performance

Supercharged by insights from Google, Angular helps you develop websites with outstanding performance. ZEIT Now takes it a step further with our built-in Smart CDN and zero downtime.






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Automatic HTTPS and CDN

Every deployment created with ZEIT Now is powered by our Smart CDN and automatically secured with an auto-renewing SSL certificate. Your content is always delivered securely, and blazing fast — without any configuration.

Sani Yusuf, Author & Founder at Haibrid

We love the ZEIT now platform and are moving pretty much everything to it.

Hosting, API and all. Super tool.

Sani Yusuf, Author & Founder at Haibrid

Merge Confidently & Continuously with Deployment Previews

Enable the ZEIT Now GitHub and GitLab integrations with a single-click for continuous deployment previews. Every deployment is created using the same infrastructure as production, so you can confidently ship the same content that you review.

Using a Different Framework?

ZEIT Now is the easiest way to deploy your framework. Take advantage of single-command deployment, automatic built-in SSL and global CDN, first-class integrations with GitHub and GitLab, and more.

Deploy Angular apps with ZEIT Now.