These are the terms we encourage you to learn in order to deeply understand Now. However, every occurrence of one of these terms is also linked back to this very page, so that you can always jump right to the explanation if needed.

A collection of files that were uploaded to Now and potentially transformed by a Build. Every Deployment can define none, one or multiple Builds.

These are the files contained within your project before it is uploaded Now.

Defined within the now.json file of a Deployment. Every Build is responsible for associating Source Files with a Builder.

Receives Source Files and generates a Build Output.

What was generated within a Build using a Builder. It consists of either a Lambda, a Static File or multiple of each.

A serverless code execution handler that can be invoked over the web.

A file that is not executed, but instead served as-is to the program sending the request.

A structured group of deployments, categorized by the deployment name.

The company behind the product Now.

The platform on which Deployments are created, served and managed.

The command line interface client for Now.

The graphical user interface (desktop application) for Now.