Adding a Domain to Now

Domains on ZEIT Now can be used as aliases for your deployments, giving them a public facing name that users can consistently visit to see the latest content, as opposed to deployment URLs.

If you do not have a domain with your ZEIT account yet, you can do one of the following:

If you have a domain, you can use the following documentation to manage your domain.

Now allows you to assign a name to your deployments by aliasing. Read more about aliasing to use your domains with your deployments:

The following list of commands can be used with Now CLI to manage domains under your account or a team.

Using the following command, you can list all added domains under the current context, whether it is your account or a team.

now domains ls

To get information about your domain from Now, you can use the now domains inspect command.

With this command, you can see:

  • If your domain is external or using ZEIT DNS.

  • When your domain was verified by either TXT record or nameservers.

  • The expiry date and when it was bought (if bought with ZEIT).

  • If the CDN is enabled.

  • If it has a Custom Deployment Suffix assigned.

  • How many aliases are assigned with the domain.

  • How many certificates the domain has.

    now domains inspect <domain>

With the following command, you can assign a domain you already own to your ZEIT account or team:

now domains add <domain>

With the following command you can remove a domain that is assigned to your ZEIT account or team:

now domains rm <domain>

With the following command you can buy a domain with Now:

now domains buy <domain>
Note: Read more in the Buying a Domain documentation.

With the following command you can force Now to check that your domain is verified by either TXT or Nameservers:

now domains verify <domain>

If you want to transfer a domain from one account to another, to a team, or from a team, you are able to do so by first removing the domain from the current account or team and then adding it to the intended account or team.

When adding a domain to an account or team, before verifying, Now will provide the intended nameservers for your domain to use. These nameservers are chosen at random to prevent timing attacks where a third-party monitors changes to a domain's nameservers and then attempts to add the domain to their Now account.

This process, however, will require another verification step to be completed.

Currently this is not possible but there is active progress in making this possible.

As explained in the "pointing to Now" section:

  • ZEIT DNS domains are those that point to the ZEIT DNS nameservers, which allows Now to have greater control and therefore making it easier to automatically manage the domain.
  • External domains are those that point to ZEIT through a CNAME record and are harder for Now to automatically manage.

A tool for transferring domains between accounts is in the works and will bypass this need.