Next.js Builder (@now/next)

Status: Beta

This builder takes a Next.js application, defined as pages, next.config.js and optionally a package.json file (with next, react, react-dom, etc), and converts them into a series of individual Lambdas.

It features built-in caching of node_modules and all the compiler artifacts for very fast deployments.

@now/next is the ideal way to ship a fast, production-ready Next.js application that scales automatically.

Create a pages directory with some example pages, for example pages/index.js:

export default () => <div>Hello world!</div>

For this example, we won't define a package.json with our dependencies. We'll let the builder automatically install them. We'll create a simple next.config.js file to use as our entrypoint for the build

module.exports = () => ({})

Then we'll define our build step in now.json:

  "version": 2,
  "builds": [{ "src": "next.config.js", "use": "@now/next" }]

Upon deployment, we'll get a URL like this:

The entrypoint of this builder is a next.config.js file or a package.json file.

The installation algorithm of dependencies works as follows:

  • If a package-lock.json is present, npm install is used
  • Otherwise, yarn is used.

To install private npm modules, define NPM_TOKEN as a build environment in now.json.

The Node.js version used is the latest in the 8 branch.

This builder seperates your pages into individual serverless endpoints, so you cannot use a custom server.

Using a custom server would require that all pages be routed through that custom server and the application would lose out on many of the benefits of serverless Next.js. You can still achieve most of the logic that you have in a custom server by using getInitialProps() and using routes.

To help keep cold boot times low, the maximum output bundle size for a Next.js output lambda is, by default, 5mb. This limit is extendable up to 50mb.

Example maxLambdaSize configuration:
  "builds": [
    { "src": "next.config.js", "use": "@now/next", "config": { "maxLambdaSize": "10mb" } }