Using Private npm Dependencies

If your application is using projects with dependencies hosted in private npm scopes, you can deploy such with - true to our style - just one command (and a flag):

now --forward-npm

This command will forward your npm credentials during the build process to fetch the required modules. Here's a little video of this feature in action, using a scoped private module in `package.json`:

If want to forward your npm credentials every time you create a new deployment using now, you can set the `forwardNpm` property inside your global `~/.now.json` file to `true`:

  "forwardNpm": true

You can read more about how to configure Now to your needs here.

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We're committed to giving you the best experience when deploying as an individual or in a team, and we hope this feature enhances that.

Neither the `--forward-npm` flag, nor the `forwardNpm` config property support npm's enterprise plans or packages hosted on a custom infrastructure at the moment. But don't worry, we're already working on it!