# Tiny Coin Cap
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Since this is an open-source project hosted freely on [ZEIT]( using [Now](, you can validate the deployed code by appending `_src` to the URL ( and view the live logs by appending `_logs` to the URL (
## Develop Locally
* Clone the repository
* `cd` into the cloned directory
* Install tools:
	* [Node.js](
	* [pnpm](
* Install dependencies: 
	* `pnpm install`
* Start the server:
  * `pnpm start`
## Deploying on ZEIT
* Scale down instance
	* `now scale all 0`
* Deploy from directory
	* `now --public`
* Remove alias
	* `now alias rm`
* Re-add alias
	* `now alias <new url>`
* Scale up instance
	* `now scale all 1`