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Guillermo Rauch

Tony Kovanen

Matheus Fernandes


Learn from our team, our customers and our community members.
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Jim De Beer

Scalable UI

Write once, deploy to every device, scale infinitely.
How we built a video streaming platform on now to serve billions of users.

Sébastien Chopin


Vue.js on the server and on the client, seamlessly.
A look into this framework with built-in code-splitting, static generation & more.

Lucy Guo

Scale API

Scale combines AI and human intelligence to solve simple human tasks.
How now and Scale can help you automate everything. No setup, just answers.

Asynchrony with Algebraic Effects

Daan invented Koka, a strongly typed function-oriented language with (side) effect inference.

This talk will introduce algebraic effect handlers and use their power to write beautiful asynchronous programs, by compiling Koka to JavaScript (Node.js).

Anthony Catel

The Nidium Engine

Nidium is a new type of webview, built from scratch with mobile devices in mind. Learn to use frameworks like Vue.js or React.js at native speed and ship to every platform.

Arunoda Susiripala

Next for Next.js

This talk will live demo some of the upcoming features,
enhancements and performance improvements coming to Next.js.

Jon Gold

react-sketchapp: Design as a Function of Data

This talk will introduce a novel paradigm for unifying UI development and design under the React component model.

Howie Liu


Build a realtime database using a realtime collaborative spreadsheet interface and get a REST API to make custom workflows with now .

Justin Krup


This talk will go into the details of how we built a single-command deployment solution on top of the now platform for the Meteor Community.