The Now CDN

A full-featured content distribution network, easily accessible, available to all ZEIT World DNS domains.

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Worldwide Distribution

Faster response times for anyone in the world by serving content from a caching layer closer to the request origin. Our partnership with Cloudflare gives us access to over 150 locations to serve from.

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Never Stale

Whenever you alias a new deployment, we will purge the cache for your domain in the Now CDN so you never have to serve outdated content.

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Fully Automatic

When you make a static deployment or share a file, we automatically handle caching at every edge server for you. No need to customize or configure anything.

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Complete Control

You retain full control of managing your DNS records and certificates. We synchronize any changes or additions to your DNS records to our CDN layer automatically.

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Additional DDoS Protection

With our Cloudflare partnership you get the added benefit of their best-in-class DDoS protection on top of our own protection implementations.

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Flexible Caching

You have complete control of what you cache, how long it caches for, or if anything should cache at all! All you need is to send the Cache-Control header with whatever options you want.

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A Simple Global Caching Layer for Now

The Now CDN adds a layer of caching from Cloudflare’s 150+ global locations, on top of our own Origin servers. With the Now CDN enabled, all requests pointing to your aliases and domains will go through our CDN layer initially and serve any cached content directly to the user. Fast and easy!

All new aliases and domains on any paid plan are automatically CDN enabled with all the mentioned benefits accompanied. For Static deployments, the caching is automatic. Dynamic deployments only have to provide a HTTP header to get instant caching benefits.

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Start serving cached content and get added DDoS protection on any paid plan with ease by just adding a domain to Now. Click below to add a domain or view the pricing for CDN domains.