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Our mission is to make the cloud easier to use for teams and individuals. Our strategy is twofold. First, make developers more productive and reduce the learning curve with single-command serverless deployment and straightforward APIs.

Second, give everyone the ability to visualize their cloud and collaborate with others, on their desktop and on the go via our Web UI. Today, we’re announcing some exciting improvements to the way you consume events and navigate your projects.

To start, you’ll notice your team or personal activity feeds are clutter-free. We’re putting people first. The first thing you’ll see when you log in is the progress of your team.

Your new dashboard shows relevant events in a more concise way

At the top, you’ll see a new navigation system that allows you to immediately get to the most important building blocks: aliases, domains, instances. Each of them will give you a comprehensive look of your entire organization and quick access to your production deployments.

A quick overview of your cloud

Further down, you’ll find a new way to filter your events. In addition to toggling between your teams and user account, you can now separate events triggered by you and your team from notifications created by the system.


Team Switcher / Team Creation

Let’s now walk through all the new ways that you can navigate your cloud!


Clicking on “Aliases” will bring up perhaps some of the most relevant bits of information: what deployments your team has associated with different domains, subdomains and even URL path segments.

If you want to take a peek at the realtime logs coming from any of your deployments, click on the relevant deployment URL and we’ll take you right to the deployment inspection page.

Clicking the blue icon for each link will take you directly to your live deployment


When you alias a deployment to a domain we haven’t seen before, we automatically initialize it on your behalf. If it’s an external domain, we verify you own it and that the CNAME record is configured appropriately.

If your domain points to our nameservers, we take it a step further: we configure all the relevant DNS records on your behalf. One interesting property of our system is that despite all these processes being fully automated for your delight, you retain full control of the underlying primitives.

Your domains are all displayed on this page, divided by category


Deployments are backed, at any given time, by multiple running instances. This page will give you an overview of their states, similar to how now ls works on the command line.

A comprehensive view of all your instances

Your Cloud, On-the-go.

We’ve made sure that every single part of the system works well on your desktop and on the go. We encourage you to try from your mobile!


Activity Feed


We think visualizing the state of your cloud and the applications you launch will be hugely beneficial to your productivity and success. We look forward to hearing your feedback and continuing to make it better for you.