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Now 2.0 - Upgrade Available

Today we are extremely excited to announce a major overhaul of our static deployment type: Static websites and files will now be 10x faster to deploy, faster to serve and best of all: Free and unlimited.

Our deployment platform is completely elastic. Our plans are based on how many deployment instances (i.e.: copies of a deployment) are actually running. We thus allow you to deploy and scale infinitely.

From now on, new static deployment instances won’t count towards your concurrent instance count, which means you’re free to deploy as many as you want. They’ll all be active forever. They will be scaled seamlessly and automatically.

What’s more, the new static deployment type and pricing also extends to the Open-Source Free plan!

Faster Than Ever

The following example above demonstrates how easy it is to deploy a static site with now: install now move to the directory of the website you want to host and run now:

As you can see, we’ve made static deployment much faster. No matter whether it’s the first or 10th time you’re deploying, nor how many files and folders are inside it.

This also includes our Desktop App. You can drag and drop folders with entire sites or even just static files as many times as you want. We are happy to also announce we completely overhauled Now Desktop’s upload algorithms to be faster and more memory efficient for all deployment types:

No Limits on Extensibility

Something that makes Now static hosting absolutely unique is that it’s completely open-source and extensible.

The technology behind our servers is a Node.js module called serve, which you can download, fork, extend and even operate locally during development.

What does this mean for your team and your business? Great user experience with zero lock-in.

If you can’t wait for us to add a certain capability to our static deployments support, you can just create a package.json like this:

"name": "extensible",
"scripts": {
  "start": "serve"
"dependencies": {
  "serve": "latest"

Then run now, and we will detect the presence of package.json as the Node.js deployment type (npm). We also do this for Dockerfile, seamlessly building and executing your Docker containers.

In summary, what you get is a completely universal deployment platform for every technology and programming language, all in one!

Future Decisions

We are committed to refining and improving every aspect of deployment.

A few months ago we introduced a new system for high-performance Node.js and JavaScript deployments, which made some deployments up to 20x faster.

Today we are doing the same for static deployments, and even more improvements are on the way.

What’s left to do? Install Now, create a team and join our community!