Our cloud hosting solution Now was introduced to the public nearly a year ago. At the time, it was capable of deploying any Node.js project by just typing now, and returning a new URL each time, pioneering the idea of immutable deployments.

Incrementally we built an ecosystem of tools necessary to take your websites, microservices and data APIs to production. We built a free DNS system with built-in free SSL certificates. We extended the platform to all programming languages with Docker support. We made builds incredibly fast.

Today, I'm very proud to announce that we are extending this wonderful experience to entire teams and organizations!

Creating Your Team

Creating a team takes only a few minutes. Click on your username in your dashboard and press "Create a Team", or click here directly.

As you can see, we revamped our dashboards to make it very easy to switch between the different contexts you can work with.

When your teammates deploy, add aliases, env secrets or configure new domains, your dashboard updates instantly. The following demo shows the dashboard of user guillermo on the left, while the user federico deploys a new API endpoint on the right.

Switch Context with One Command

As of Now 5.0.0, there is a now switch command to alternate between your account and your teams effortlessly.

To join a team, create an account and share your email with the team's creator. After you're added, the now switch command will reflect the changes immediately.

New Pricing

We've updated our pricing with new tiers specially optimized for larger users and teams. We now allow everyone in our platforms to deploy as many times as they want and only impose limits on how many concurrent instances of your deployments are running.

A deployment instance represents a running copy of your deployment. This number can go from 0 (when a deployment is frozen due to not receiving any traffic) to as many copies as you need to meet your growth and scale demands.

When you go over your plan limits for, let's say, concurrency or bandwidth, you pay the "on-demand pricing". In addition, for more advanced and specialized use cases we offer an on-demand plan that is 100% pay-as-you-go.

We are also now welcoming open-source teams to the platform. This is ideal if you run an OSS project and want to deploy your website, demos or documentation alongside others. If you need expanded capabilities in addition to what's on your plan, please get in touch.

Growing Together

We have spent the past few months completely revamping our APIs and clients to support this new organizational and pricing flexibility.

Support for teams within our platform has been one of the most requested features to date. We are happy to let you know that this is just the start!

In the coming weeks we will continue to highlight and introduce new functionality that will make your organizations leaner, happier and more productive. We see ZEIT itself as a natural extension of your team.

We look forward to chatting with you!