With the release of zero-config deployments, we made deploying static sites and serverless functions an experience that works out of the box – no learning curve!
However, our pricing model remained untouched and complicated. Today, that changes with the introduction of our new pricing.

Adieu, Jumping Bills

For web apps, paying on-demand for resources enables effective scaling. However, we know that predictability is often equally important.
That's why we combined our on-demand pricing with a fixed monthly base fee:

With a base fee for every plan, you will never see jumping bills again.

Buy in Bulk

Each of these plans contains a large amount of Bandwidth and Builds by default. Your needs will be met in the majority of cases by the base fee of your plan.
If you need even more resources, you can now purchase those in bulk:

If you need more resources, your bill will increase in predictable amounts.

If your project contains Serverless Functions, it works the same way. Each plan receives a generous amount on Serverless Function Executions out of the box, but you can purchase more in bulk if needed.

Concurrent Builds

On the Free plan, your deployments queue if multiple are created at the same time. This limit changes depending on your plan and can now be manually increased:

Manually choose how many builds you want to occur at the same time.


Our new pricing page is simplified to 3 items:
  • Bandwidth
  • Builds
  • Serverless Function Execution
Furthermore, you can manually (optionally) increase the following:
  • Concurrent Builds
  • Team Seats
If you decide to switch to the Pro, Business, or Enterprise plan, these are the only items that you will ever be charged for.
Most importantly, however, you will most likely not even need to know any of these items, as your monthly base fee already comes with more than enough of them.
Note: You will remain on your current plan until you decide to opt-in to a new plan.
Let us know what you think about this change!