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Announcing Private npm Support

Tony Kovanen (@tonykovanen)

One of the top requests from our customers has been the ability to deploy projects with dependencies hosted in private npm scopes.

True to our style, as of now 0.19.0 you can deploy such projects with just one command (and a flag):

▲ now --forward-npm

This command will forward your npm credentials during the build process to fetch the required modules. Here's a little video of this feature in action, using a scoped private module in package.json:

If you want to always use this command (when applicable), you can also add the following setting to .now.json:

"forwardNpm": true

npm makes it so radically easy to manage your organization's code. Sharing lots of small modules that do one thing well can make your team vastly more productive and your code easier to maintain and iterate on.

To find out more about their plans visit their website.

We're committed to giving you the best experience when deploying as an individual or in a team, and we hope this feature enhances that.

Next Up: npm Enterprise Support

The --forward-npm flag doesn't yet support npm's enterprise plans or packages hosted on a custom infrastructure. But don't worry, we're already working on it!