(over 3 years ago)

Our Commitment to Open Source

Guillermo Rauch (@rauchg)

Today we are introducing our Open Source Software projects page (/oss). The goal behind this new section is twofold.

First, we want to highlight and share some solutions to interesting problems that we use internally at the company. We find it more effective to document and discuss these solutions in the open, rather than have them confined to internal repositories and knowledge bases.

Second, it's our way of giving back. Our servers and products are powered by the combined efforts of a great many engineers who decided to share their code and ideas in the open.

As a company that has been involved in building and contributing to several popular open source projects, we have learned from many successes and mistakes.

We wanted to share three principles that will govern our company's approach to open source:

1. Inclusion

We welcome all users, contributors and companies to run and/or contribute to our projects.

We want to make this a harassment-free and respectful experience for everyone involved.

To that end, our projects follow the Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct and we commit to enforcing it on our different community channels (such as GitHub and our public Slack organization).

2. Curation

Open sourcing too many projects that get little attention or resources can end up being counter-productive.

As a rule, we prefer to share those projects that have been internally tested, used and validated, and where we think a big impact can be made.

If a project is deprecated or is bound to receive less attention in the future, we commit to communicating that to our users clearly. Whenever possible, we'll try to find them new curators.

3. Freedom

We strive to always distribute our projects under the straightforward and liberal MIT license, or licenses created in the same spirit.

Patents that we apply for will be released under the DPL (Defensive Patent License), which grants other participating organizations free licenses and a commitment to nonagression.

We are accepting of forks, criticism and competition, as they enable progress for all.