This post contains content about Now 1.0 – Learn about the latest version, Now 2.0.
Now 2.0 - Upgrade Available
A short while ago, we made static deployments unlimited. Today, I'm very happy to announce that we made sharing static files over our platform even easier:
From now on, you'll receive a direct link to your asset when deploying just a single file. This saves another extra step because you don't need to select the file you want from a directory listening (like it was before).
Here's an example of how easy it is now to share a single file using Now Desktop:

No need to select a file anymore

Before this optimization, it was rendering a directory listening (even when just a single file was deployed) and you had to select the file you wanted to access from that list:
Static deployments are powered by the serve middleware, which is open source. This means that you can contribute easily, fix bugs or add features if any are missing.
In addition, you can use its command line interface to try your static project locally.
To get started, firstly install serve like this:
npm install -g serve
Afterwards you can run it in any directory of your choice:
Both Now Desktop (the application shown in the video above) and serve are completely open source. Feel free to contribute!
We hope you enjoy this release and look forward to your feedback.