Sunday, April 24th 2016 (over 3 years ago)

`now rm` Is Here (and More!)

Tony Kovanen (@tonykovanen)

It's useful to think of Now as git for deployment.

In git, the current state of a file is made up of lots of little patches made to its original state, which you started tracking with git add at some point in the past.

With Now, every time you deploy we instantly provision a new unique server and give you its URL. To get a list of these, we introduced the command `now ls` a few days ago.

Sometimes, however, it's necessary to completely remove all traces of a commit (in git) or, in our case, a deployment.

As of Now 0.11.0 you can now completely remove and disable deployments. Update to it if you haven't yet

  ▲ npm install -g now

Then look for the id of the deployment you want to erase:

  ▲ now ls


    Ai6etlM1hCS6urt      41m ago
    0Z6uRTyEs3z8IKD       2h ago

…and invoke now rm or now remove:

  ▲ now rm 0Z6uRTyEs3z8IKD
> The following deployment will be permanently removed:
  0Z6uRTyEs3z8IKD  	  2h ago
  Are you sure? [Y/N] 

Windows support

Now 0.11.0 is fully compatible with the Windows shell.

We addressed various issues that came up with the introduction of subcommands and are committed to maintaining great Windows support moving forward.

More package installation improvements

We fixed an edge case related to bin files being missing when pre and postinstall hooks fired.

This affected node-pre-gyp and might have caused issues in your deployments, or resulted in unnecessary builds. If you have encountered this with a deployment, you can execute now -f to force a new build.

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