This post contains content about Now 1.0 – Learn about the latest version, Now 2.0.
Now 2.0 - Upgrade Available
As a logical continuation of the dashboard redesign we announced recently, we're now bringing event filters to Now Desktop.
This will heavily improve your ability to see what exactly is happening in your team by letting you focus on the data you care about the most. You can choose between Me, Team and System using a button on the top left:

No more distracting system events flooding your event stream

Just like your dashboard, you have three event filters to choose from:
  • Me shows only the events created by yourself
  • Team lists all of the events created by any member of your team
  • System only contains automatic events created by our system
Now Desktop 2 is completely open source and powered by Electron, React and our recently announced Next.js 3.0 static export feature (combined with the power of electron-next). Feel free to contribute!
We hope you enjoy this release and look forward to your feedback.