All users of ZEIT – no matter if beginner or highly advanced professional – deserve the most intuitive experience possible, while being provided with a high degree of flexibility at the same time.
Today, we are taking this philosophy one step further by making it much easier to install and update our most advanced tool: Now CLI.

Installing Now CLI via curl

In addition to the existing workflows for yarn, npm and downloading the Now CLI binary directly, we now also offer a curl command:
When executing this command, our command-line interface will be installed on your device. For this, you are firstly asked to confirm a prompt for preventing accidental installations:
After you have confirmed this prompt, the binary will be installed:
And finally, you will see a suggestion for how to continue:
At this point, the command-line interface will be fully installed and ready to be used by invoking the now command (or any of its sub commands, accessible via now --help).

Updating Now CLI via now update

Previously, if your local instance of our command-line interface was outdated, you would see a message that looks similar to this one:
As of version 15.4.0 of Now CLI, you will also see this:
As you can see, you will now be asked to run now update directly in your terminal.
When executed, this command will automatically replace your local version of the command-line interface with the latest one – no other action needed.

New Download Page

In order to make it easier for new and existing users to pick the right application for their daily deployment workflow, we also created a new download page:
As you might have already noticed, the page has been fully re-designed and now focuses on downloading our desktop app, rather than the command-line interface.
This is because the desktop app will automatically install the command-line interface and keep it up-to-date for you. In turn, you get the best out of both worlds when installing the desktop app.


The team is working hard to ensure installing and updating Now CLI is not something you need to spend a lot of time on. Instead, we aim for making it as fast and intuitive as possible.
We therefore welcome any suggestions about how we can improve these tools on our designated feedback forms:
Furthermore, we encourage you to always keep Now CLI up-to-date in order to enjoy the latest bug fixes and feature additions.