We conceived Now as a platform for universal deployment. We think you should be able to deploy any technology, framework or programming language. Dynamically and statically.
Today, we want to take a deep dive into Now's newly implemented capabilities for creating static file deployments with ease.
We recently participated in HackIllinois, a hackathon organised by the students at the University of Illinois to foster contributions to Open Source projects across all kinds of programming languages.
We were invited as one of the teams to mentor students, who successfully submitted many pull requests to our different projects.
Sam Pal, one of the participants, introduced support for passing a single file to Now CLI, resulting in a static deployment:
 ~/my-app $ 

Independent from the file type, a static deployment will be created

Along with this feature, Now CLI is now also capable of deploying multiple files or directories at once: If more than one path is specified, all of them will be combined into a single static deployment as follows:
 ~/my-app $ 

Run getconf ARG_MAX to see how many paths you can pass

This feature was introduced in #1148 and is included in the latest releases of Now CLI on both channels (canary and stable). If you're using Now Desktop, you've received the update already – but you can also install the latest release manually.
If you don't want to use the command line for creating deployments, you can drag any kind of file or directory onto the Now Desktop icon in your tray menu and the deployment type will be determined automatically:
This works just as flawlessly with multiple files or directories. In those cases, all paths will be combined into a single static deployment (just like it's the case in Now CLI).
Sam Pal did a great job at implementing support for now <file> into Now CLI. If you are interested in tackling another feature or bug fix yourself, we suggest taking a look at our manually curated list of good first contributions.
If you are interested in contributing but are not sure about how to proceed, or would like to ask questions, we offer mentorship and help on our community chat.