Today, we are proud to announce an improved Build experience with Now: more disk space, CPU power, memory, and improved security.
The new build infrastructure is live for all existing and new customers and requires no action whatsoever. Read on to learn more about the benefits available to you today.

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All the build steps you define in now.json now feature:
  • More disk (scratch) space: 16GB (up to 30 times more)
  • More memory: 4GiB total (up from 3008MiB)
  • More CPU power: A dedicated core for each build task
In essence, some larger node_modules folders have caused problems in the past. Not anymore.
These upgrades are already in place and require no extra action from our users.

Failed Build log with prior infrastructure. Application running on new infrastructure.

An application running on the new infrastructure.

These improvements resolve a few customer reports involving larger builds, such as:
Customer Case: DevHub
We received an issue on GitHub with a failing build due to this error. The project in question was DevHub a powerful web application similar to TweetDeck but for GitHub: an application where users can create columns with filters, manage notifications and keep up to date with repository activities.
DevHub is cross-platform: a single codebase between web and mobile thanks to react-native-web. It is 100% written using React Hooks and entirely open source built and hosted on Now.
With our new infrastructure, DevHub has gone from a failing build to a powerful, popular product.


Security has always been our top priority. Our new underlying infrastructure makes use of VM-backed container encapsulation, running every single build task in complete isolation, even from one another.

Build and Runtime Environments.

We ensure the build environment perfectly mirrors the runtime environment. This allows you and your team to have the confidence that your final artifacts will work as expected when they’re invoked.
As of today, each discrete build task for any user or team, across any plan, is a unique VM that gets completely discarded when the build completes, leaving only the final built assets. This prevents any leakages and ensures solid, secure and consistent output every single time.

Root Level Access

Previously, build scripts were executed as unprivileged user accounts. As of now, our builds execute with privileged user (root) access, while still maintaining our high standard of security.
This enables installing and building web applications with various powerful binaries including Hugo, Jekyll, and Zola. Specify a shell script in the src of your build, and it will execute in the cloud as a root user.
  "version": 2,
  "builds": [{ "src": "./", "use": "@now/static-build" }]

Example now.json using `@now/static-build` with a shell script.

We have put together an example using Zola: a static site generator built in Rust that builds a static site in the cloud and deploys its static content on Now.


Our developer community is our treasure. We are consistently on the lookout for opportunities to improve our developer experience and provide seamless upgrades requiring little to no action by our users.
We’d like to extend a word of thanks to the customers who reported these issues on our feedback channels and encouraged us to deliver a better overall product, including but not limited to: @timer150@morajabi@maximeheckel@anthonyshort, and countless others.
We appreciate your feedback in our effort to make cloud computing accessible to all.