Teams are the best way to collaborate using Now, with shared permissions over deployments and aliases under the team.
Today, in order to make managing teams easier, we are introducing a new and improved members settings UI, including:
  • Easily add or remove team members as an owner, to build your team.
  • Change the role of members to be owners with permissions over billing and management.

The New Members Settings Dashboard

For all members of a team, the members section of your team's settings dashboard offers an entirely new experience.
Owners can list, invite, remove, and promote team members with ease, making managing your team easy and efficient so you can get to deploying faster.

The new team members settings page.

Teams make collaborating on Now easy. If you would like to create a team to work with others, you can create one from the account dropdown menu in your dashboard.

Invite Members

Using an existing ZEIT user's email, you can invite them to participate and start building and collaborating with your team.

Inviting users to a team with the new members web UI.

Alternatively, you can use our CLI command:
now teams invite [email]

Promote Members

Teams owners sometimes need to change permissions for team members. In the new members web UI, on the dropdown menu for each member you will find an option to change their role, from Member to Owner or vice-versa.
While owners have full access to manage the team, Members have limited access to billing and management settings.

Changing the permissions of a team member with the new members web UI.

Remove Members

If for some reason a team member has to be removed or leave the team, any team owner can remove that member or even bulk-remove multiple members from the row menu.

Removing team members with the new members web UI.


We know how important it is for teams to have complete visibility and control over the members participating within it, improving our members settings page is a significant step towards this.
If you have any feedback on how we can improve how teams collaborate with Now, please do not hesitate to reach out.
We are hard at work on making more great changes for teams, including the ability to invite members that are not existing users of ZEIT.