Aliasing deployments are the way to push the latest iteration of a continuously changing project to staging or production.
Today we are introducing an improved Web UI for managing your deployments to make this process more straightforward:
  • Create aliases for your deployments with a click of a button
  • Remove your deployments individually or in bulk to keep organised


Aliasing a deployment is how the latest changes in a project go live. Assigning a consistent name to deployments so that others can always access the newest iteration in the same place.
Now you can move your staging to production (or roll it back instantly) with just a click of a button:

Aliasing a deployment in the new web UI.

Alternatively, use the Now CLI command:

Removing Deployments

You can now remove individual deployments as well as batches without the need for CLI commands.
When removing deployments, you will also see a summary of any active aliases on the deployments you are about to delete, making sure there is never a time that your projects see downtime:

Removing a deployment with its alias.

Otherwise, you can still use the CLI command when iterating on a project from the terminal:
now rm <SOURCE URL | ID>
Moreover, you can also remove deployments in bulk:

Removing deployments in bulk.


Aliasing and managing deployments are vital parts of the simpleness that Now can deliver, always making sure that the latest deployment is aliased so that users instantly see the newest additions.
Keeping a clean list of deployments on your dashboard or from within your terminal can also be key in helping find the right deployments for aliasing or making instant roll-backs.
We are proud to provide these features as the latest iteration of our own product and personally experience the ease these new features deliver.
We are very happy to be able to share them.
If you have any feedback for how we can make your deployment workflow easier, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.