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Jarmo Isotalo Is a Zeiter

Guillermo Rauch (@rauchg)
Jarmo Isotalo (@jarmoisotalo)

It is my pleasure to announce another Zeiter! This time it's Jarmo Isotalo. To help you get to know him, I put together an informal interview. Feel free to reach out on our Slack community if you want to find out more!

What's your name / nicknames in the internet?

My name is Jarmo Isotalo. On the internet, I'm almost always known as Jamo and @JarmoIsotalo.

Where do you live? What do you love about it?

I live in Helsinki, Finland - where I studied Computer Science at the University of Helsinki.

Summers in Finland are beautiful, and I spend my summers sailing in the wonderful Finnish and Swedish archipelago. However, I'm not particularly fond of winter in Finland.

I have also lived one year in Zürich, Switzerland, while I was interning at Google. The climate was a lot nicer there, and I loved to go out hiking in the amazing Swiss mountains. But it lacked the archipelago and sailing opportunities.

Tell us about some past projects and hacks you're proud of

For quite a few years I've been one of the core contributors of the TestMyCode project. It is a student submission assessment service that integrates to a few major IDEs making students' life easy and provides key-level interactions with IDE for researchers to use.

I've also been building the Massive Open Online Courses (Java, Algorithms and C programming) at MOOC.fi since we launched it back in early 2012.

What are your favorite apps/websites?

I like a lot of Google products; I'm a heavy user of Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Photos, Google Keep and Google Maps. In addition to Google services, I find myself regularly using Slack and Hyper.app.

However, I couldn't live without Vim: For years it's been the $EDITOR of my choice. I find myself SSHing into machines all the time, and one of the best parts of vim is that it's always there and it works just as well as locally! It's essentially the only application in which I write text and code.

What do you love most about ZEIT?

Ever since I heard about now and next I was in love! The vision and ideology behind all the ZEIT projects is something I couldn’t agree on more.

With now I especially like how it takes away all the hassle of taking code to cloud. It's something that I had always dreamed of having for my previous projects.

I feel extremely excited to be part of ZEIT!