Wednesday, April 20th 2016 (over 3 years ago)

Introducing `now ls`

Naoyuki Kanezawa (@nkzawa)

Today we're introducing Now 0.10.0. Install or upgrade to it with:

▲ npm install -g now

This version incorporates a new command now ls.
It fetches all your existing deployments, groups them by project and sorts them by date:

▲ now ls


  Ai6etlM1hCS6urt      41m ago
  0Z6uRTyEs3z8IKD       2h ago


  CSIu51E1V5M9g3w      56m ago
  ln9gL4h45zGAoFz       4d ago

We've also added the following aliases:

now list = now ls

now help = now --help

We prioritized this feature in direct response to your feedback.
Please keep it coming on Twitter (over at @zeithq) or email. Thank you!