At ZEIT, our mission is to provide everybody in the world with the best cloud experience possible. To be truly universal, we need to ensure that applications are fast from every geographical point.
Today, we are introducing our first origin datacenter and CDN region in Asia: HND1, located in Tokyo, Japan.
This means that the Now experience from Asia will be even better:
  • Dramatically improved latency: a 10x improvement over our previous options
  • Full origin region: lightning quick access to cached content, serverless functions, and greater redundancy

The Impact

We are making a bold claim that for local users, Now Tokyo has 10x less latency than other Now regions. To test the claim, we had one of our engineers in Yokohama check the latency using both their office connection, and a VM. The results say it all:

Shown above is a recording of a latency test on HND1. The recording is done from the perspective of a user in Yokohama (Japan), using

São Paulo
Washington DC
East US
San Francisco
West US

Smaller is better. The average latency (in ms) for a connection to São, Brussels, Washington, San, and Tokyo from an office in Tokyo.

The latency difference is significant, showing a performance boost of well over 10x. To make this experience available to you, we take care of the Geo DNS, load balancing, automatic Let's Encrypt integration, and abstraction over the underlying cloud provider to prevent lock in. Now Tokyo ultimately translates in you being able to offer a vastly improved service to a greater number of customers.

Other News

  • now includes Now Tokyo, allowing you to check its operational status anytime
  • Within Asia, deployments will now default to the Asia Region thanks to our DNS Anycast Network - this means lower latency not only in production, but in development too
  • Now Tokyo is supported by all our clients and integrations including Now for GitHub


We strive to improve the Now offering on a daily basis and are confident that the introducing of Now Tokyo will improve the experience for developers and end-users alike.
We love listening and acting upon what our users tell us, so with that being said, where would you like to see Now arrive next? Please reach out to us over chat or Twitter and let us know!