This post contains content about Now 1.0 – Learn about the latest version, Now 2.0.
Now 2.0 - Upgrade Available

Now is built with reliability and simplicity in mind, thanks to our ability to straddle across different cloud providers without introducing any API complexity.

When you deploy, we take the code that's already working on your devices and launch it in the cloud. No special setup is needed. You don't need to learn anything other than the very configuration you already use, such as package.json and Dockerfile.

In fact, we don't even require a git setup. Now automatically and efficiently uploads the files in your project and then builds them in the cloud.

A few days ago, Amazon S3, the service we rely on for storing our files, suffered a major outage. It caused no downtime to existing Now deployments but new ones started failing.

In response to this, I'm happy to announce that we've added some important improvements to our architecture that are now live:

  • All new deployments are automatically and securely syncing the deployed files to both S3 and Google Cloud Storage
  • Existing files and docker images have been replicated to both cloud providers
  • Deployments can now survive the failure of either system without any downtime

What's more, this improvement in reliability doesn't sacrifice performance, and no changes on your end are required to start benefiting from it!

In coming blog posts, we'll explain our architecture to tolerate the failure of entire datacenters or Now API endpoints. Follow us on Twitter to stay tuned.