In today's busy world, you might find yourself or your company in a situation where it is easy to overlook that the payment method you have selected for a certain service is blocked or does not hold sufficient funds.
To let you know when the payment method specified in your personal Now account or team could not be charged, we are now introducing several new notifications ensuring you know what is up.

The Notification Process

If we are not able to charge your supplied payment method in the specified cycle (see our pricing page for details on that), we will first notify you about what happened and how you can fix it.
This means that you or your team's owners (depending on where the failed payment happened) will receive multiple emails containing details about how to update your billing information and why you couldn't be charged:
Within 21 days, we will attempt to charge you 3 times. You will receive one email after each try.

Suspending Subscriptions

If you do not react to any of those emails, you will receive a final email letting you know that we have canceled your subscription. But do not worry, your data is not lost and your account stays completely untouched.
However, to ensure you are aware of the issue, your deployments will render this message:
If a request to the deployment has its Accept header set to application/json (which should be the case if you're building an API, for example), a proper JSON object will be the response:
  "status": 402,
  "description": "Payment failed"
If have received any of the emails mentioned above (or seen such a message on your deployments), please act immediately and update your billing information to prevent your deployment from getting collected for removal.

Further Questions

Still have open questions? Feel free to drop us a message at or find the team and ZEIT's community experts on our community chat. We're happy to help – do not be afraid to ask.