Getting errors is probably one of the most frustrating part of a developer’s day. Yet sometimes they’re incomplete, simplistic or even downright obscure.
How nice would it be if errors were comprehensive, easy to share and even had the property of becoming better over time? Today I want to announce, our approach to providing you with the best user experience when errors occur across any of our products.

The Now CLI command on the left comes with a link that expands the error on GitHub

Our platform offers a lot of features to make life easier for you. As a result of this wide range of options, there might be some cases in which a invalid configuration was specified or an unallowed action was triggered. If such a case occurs, an error will be thrown to let you know about what went wrong.
From now on, it will be even easier to avoid those errors!

Behind the Curtains

The error messages for each projects are located in a directory called "errors" inside the related GitHub repository. As an example, you can find the ones for Now CLI here and the ones for micro here.
For now, only those two projects are supported. However, we're working on making even more projects of ours support error links. If you would like to help, feel free to contribute more of them!
We'd be happy to welcome you in our open source community.