Over the past few weeks we have looked closely at how users interact with our dashboard, and are delighted to introduce a few small adjustments that have been made to the flow and navigation in order to improve the experience.

Save a Click: Navigate Directly to Your Dashboard

When you go to zeit.co, you're immediately taken to your dashboard if you're logged in - no longer is there the need to click on the logo or the Dashboard button.

Your home screen when you are logged in

Enhanced navigation and team switching

ZEIT is a multi-team experience. You can work on your own individual projects, or easily join a team of people.
We wanted to retain the ability to switch contexts easily, while also making it one-click to go back to the main dashboard from any page.
To that end, we implemented a new dual-purpose UI widget. To go back to your dashboard quickly, press the main area of the button. To change to a team, just tap it on the right-hand side.

Team Switcher

More consistent navigation and improved deployments list

We simplified the navigation so that you can find the most important objects in your cloud quickly.

New Navigation Bar

With the release of Multi DC global deployments, we also overhauled the deployments list to match the new now ls.

The deployments list now shows how many instances are running around the world

Take your team everywhere you go

We now remember which team you last selected, even between browser sessions or whilst navigating. Each time you return, we'll show you the latest team context you were viewing.

Bonus: More Accessible Settings

PopOver Menu