One of the biggest barriers to publishing is the effort involved in the coordination between the different systems involved: domain registration, DNS setup, load balancing and encryption (TLS certificates), deployment, logging and measurement.

Our mission is to simplify the access and setup of these systems for every person, including those inside teams and organizations.

Today we are happy to announce we're removing the complexity associated with domain name acquisition and configuration and with it a special 1-week offer starting today of any .xyz domain name for U$1!

Buy any domain directly from the terminal, with just one command.

As seen in the example above, all you have to do to buy a domain is run:

now domains buy <domain>

If you don't have a funding source configured already, you can also do that from the CLI:

now billing add

We provide free DNS via and free built-in WHOIS privacy. When someone looks up your domain registration details, they'll just see an email address that forwards emails to you automatically.

This means you can point your newly bought domain names everywhere. Yes, even to other cloud services, like Shopify:

now dns add subdomain CNAME

As we mentioned in the introduction, with Now we set out to create a cohesive experience that unifies all aspects of publishing to the World Wide Web.

After you deploy with now, you can now alias to a domain that is not yet registered!

Obtain a domain, configure its nameservers, DNS, issue a certificate and link it to a deployment in one step!

To celebrate this addition, all xyzregistrations until May 15th, 2017 will be just U$1! Limited to one per individual account and one per each team member. Regular pricing will take effect after the first year.

To get Now, head to the Download page. As always, if you have any questions or need help, check out our public community!