This post contains content about Now 1.0 – Learn about the latest version, Now 2.0.
Now 2.0 - Upgrade Available
We are very excited to announce that our documentation has a new look optimized for clarity and ease of navigation.
It also comes with a repository where anyone can contribute to!
We want our documentation to shine, first and foremost, through its content. We took away all the distractions. What's left is clear, mobile-friendly typesetting and a handy navigation system to switch between pages.

No need to go back and forth between the index and documentation section anymore

Our documentation is now conveniently located in the zeit/docs GitHub repository. Not only it is completely open-source for anyone to fork or edit, but sending a PR will automatically trigger a ▲now deployment with what the Documentation website looks like at that point in time.

A "Pull Request" in the zeit/docs repository

Under the hood, our documentation is powered by our newly released Next.js 3.0. When a PR is submitted or edited, Circle CI creates a new ▲now deployment with our team token.
We look forward to your contributions and suggestions. We hope you enjoy our new docs!