In certain situations, you might need immediate answers to your questions about our products and their features. Previously, we only offered help over and the community chat (including our social network accounts).
As of today, we are also providing special support add-ons, which come with guaranteed response times: 24 hours, 12 hours and in real-time. This post describes each add-on's purpose and what you can expect from it.

The Overview

Alongside the plan page, every user account and team now also has a separate one for add-ons (not available on the OSS plan):

Both teams and personal accounts can subscribe to add-ons

As you can see, you can choose between three different support add-ons, each with its own response time. Once you have subscribed to any of them, your requests will immediately receive a much higher priority level in our support system:

Priority Support

There is no fixed time span within which you will receive a response when sending an email to our regular support endpoints. When subscribing to this add-on, however, you are guaranteed a response time of 24 hours.
Once enabled, a unique email address will be generated for you. Any emails sent to this address will be treated with priority:

Each team and personal account receives a unique support address

Advanced Priority Support

The same features as in "Priority Support", but with an even lower guaranteed response time: 12 hours.

Live Support

No matter if you would like to learn more about a certain feature of a ZEIT product, get help with a open source project, or report a potential problem with our platform – we are there for you.
Once you have subscribed to this add-on, the only thing it takes to get in contact with our core team is opening Slack, switching to our workspace and asking your question.
You will then receive an answer immediately:

Receive answers to your questions immediately

Next up: More Add-Ons

Over the last couple months, we've beta-tested these add-ons with multiple organizations, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. They are aimed not only at making support more scalable and predictable, but are also introducing an entire new way of working with our team.
We are committed to continue to providing great email and community support to existing paying customers and open-source users, while also catering to the needs of larger organizations.
For us, these add-ons are just the beginning. We are excited about the possibility of bringing incredible improvements to our platform that are one toggle way. Follow us on Twitter to stay on top of our news!